Urban Retail Institute
Your source to an insider's perspective on urban retail

The Urban Retail Institute has been founded to promote sustainable urban retail for historic and new city centers, with the general goal of providing for the goods and services needed and desired by their residents, workers and visitors.

The URI offers a platform for learning about new trends, research, history and an industry insider's understanding of all aspects of urban retail planning, development, operations and management. The institute is targeted for architects, concerned citizens, developers, educators, financial  institutions,  policy makers, retailers, students and urban planners.

A wide range of urban retail topics are reviewed including: architecture, big box retailers, department stores, cinemas, grocery stores,  entertainment, lighting, independent stores, leasing, lifestyle centers, new urbanism,  malls, merchandising plans, national chains, neighborhood centers, parks, parking, restaurants, streetscape, store planning,  resorts, urban planning, visual merchandising and zoning policy.

The URI offers educational workshops, white papers, research and peer review for urban retail development and planning,

The URI sponsored  The Economics of Urbanism, a symposium in Birmingham, Michigan on March 20, 2014. Speakers included James Howard Kunstler, Stefanos Polyzoides, Yaromir Steiner, Peter Allen, James Tischler, Dan Gilmartin and Susan Mosey.

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